Instructional Technology Classes

Here is a list with links to the Instructional Technology Classes that I have taught over the years.

Integrating Technology Into the Curriculum  
Participants will learn to transform conventional lessons into technology-rich curriculum. Teachers will develop instructional units that integrate technology into curriculum.

Technology Literacy, 21st Century Skills and Iowa Core
Participants will:
1) Review the 21st century technology literacy essential concepts and skills in the Iowa Core Curriculum. Possible technology tools will be presented which could be used to support each essential concept and/or skill. 2) Be expected to be proficient in at least two of the tools. Proficiency will be demonstrated via a
finished product using the tool.
3) Review the content area essential concepts and/or skills that they teach. They will
conduct a cross walk between the technology literacy and the content area essential skills and concepts. Units of
study will be developed that integrate the technology literacy skills with the content concepts and/or skills.

Differentiating Instruction Using Technology
  Technology tools are a great for differentiating instruction.

Using Technology Tools to Raise the Level of Rigor and Relevance in the Curriculum 

This class will introduce the new National Education Technology Standards, NETS, for students. These can be used to raise the rigor and relevance of the curriculum. In this class we will study the Rigor and Relevance Framework, the knowledge taxonomy and the application taxonomy. Participants will discover ways to integrate technology into the curriculum

This class will use the Internet, Web 2.0, Discovery Education Streaming Videos, the Online databases as well as multimedia such as digital video, and audio as the foundation. Participants will create lesson plans that incorporate technology tools into lessons that fall into the higher quadrants on the Rigor and Relevance Framework. The course will use discussion boards, email, and a course web page for collaboration, information and sharing.

Becoming a 21st. Century Educator (Totally Online) 

The purpose of this totally online course is to give you an opportunity to communicate and collaborate with your peers around the globe by creating a professional learning network. A Professional Learning Network (PLN) is the collection of people with whom you engage and exchange information. They are the group of people who contribute to your knowledge and understanding of topics in your field and beyond. As web applications have become more robust, your PLN can easily grow using tools like Twitter, Ning, blogs, facebook and social bookmarks, expanding your network to include people from across the globe. The tools make it easy to find, connect with, and engage social contacts, peers, authors, experts and anyone with similar interests. Professional Learning Networks extend your learning through increased reflection, while enabling you to learn as part of a global community.

Using Moodle in the Classroom  Demonstration and Instruction of all of the tools for teachers to use Moodle in the classroom.

List of all of the courses I have taught for either re certification credit or graduate credit.